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Welcome to Mindfulness + Magic, your source for inspiration about mind-body health, heart-centered living, and freedom for all beings.

As an ivy league graduate, health care provider and former professor of health sciences, I can appreciate the analytical mind and an evidence-based approach. But I’ve also seen the limitations and suffering that arise when we discount the unquantifiable and mysterious, such as the innate intelligence of the body and the heart, and a deep connection with other beings and nature. I’m dedicated to building a bridge between these two worlds to facilitate healing for individuals and for us as a culture.

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Join Erin and special guest instructors for this 10-week, online course.



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Mindfulness teacher Training

Don’t miss this conversation with 2 leading Mindfulness teachers who share their secrets with you! They’ll describe what it was like when they first started teaching, how their practice and teaching has evolved, important lessons they wished they knew when they started out, how they support themselves and keep growing and maturing as teachers, and more.

Dr. Rebecca Shisler-Marshall is a tenured professor at the University of Georgia and has been teaching and researching mindfulness for years.

Mara Wai M. Ed. is the associate director of the prestigious Penn Program for Mindfulness. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Mara oversees program development and administration.

This recorded, hour-long interview is informative and inspiring to those on the path to mindful leadership. This bonus will expire on May 14th, so register today!

mindfulness teacher trainingIn addition to the interview with Mara and Rebecca, Priscilla Szneke will be one of the expert guest teachers for the course. Have you ever wondered where the concept and practice of mindfulness comes from? Much of it originates from ancient texts called the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Priscilla will delve into these ancient teachings making them relevant in our everyday lives. Learn how mindfulness was very deliberately designed as a pathway to alleviate suffering and to take us from confused to awakened.

mindfulness teacher training Lauri Klein is a psychotherapist and longtime mindfulness practitioner and teacher, who is one of the few people to teach all 3 of the major mindfulness based interventions (MBSR, MBCT, MSC). Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) is emerging as a powerful and necessary practice to counteract the inner critic. In our session on MSC, Lauri will help you learn to identify self-defeating thoughts and replace them with habits that promote self-acceptance and joy.

There is an optional retreat weekend at the end of the training. Coastal Rhode Island is a gorgeous place to be in the summer so I hope you'll join us for that too.

Click HERE to learn more about the course and to register. I hope to see you there!

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“Erin’s workshop was packed and was evaluated as one of our top sessions. She was an excellent presenter: engaging and powerful. I highly recommend her. Teachers loved her and asked that we invite her back.”

Angela Christophe
Senior Director of Programs
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Washington, DC

“I am so glad I met Erin. I learned so much in just 1 session! My students love the meditation and I know they will benefit greatly from these stress coping strategies. We need more like her in the world!”

Jacqueline Martinez
Dallas, TX

“The mindfulness workshop led by Erin Sharaf (at SXSWedu) was the best workshop I’ve ever attended at any conference to date.”

John Lenox Cope
Web and Creative Coordinator
Fort Worth Independent School District, TX

“I always feel more clarity after working with Erin. I appreciate her wisdom and compassion as well as her ability to help me see issues with a new perspective. She truly has a gift!”

Dr. Rebecca Marshall
Professor of Speech and Language Pathology
Athens, Georgia

“Taking Erin’s Mindfulness course literally helped change the course of my life. I had been looking forward to it for a year after witnessing the transformation of so many others. During those weeks, l experienced many profound internal shifts.”

Brittany Taylor
Simple Living and Travel, Austin, TX

“I benefited so much from attending your session. I have been reading about mindfulness for years but when you had us actually practice together it really seemed to sink in. Mindfulness is so important so thank you for your work!”

Rana Jones
GEAR UP (for college) Outreach Specialist
Kemmerer, WY

“I have the great opportunity to work with hundreds of teachers in the health and wellness field and can assure you that Erin is amazing: well studied, a true practitioner of her teaching and an inspiration.”

Joan Dwyer
Co-creator and Owner of All That Matters
Providence, RI

“I’m a big believer in the endless positive effects of mindfulness, particularly in learning environments. And I have every confidence in Erin’s effectiveness in teaching mindfulness, as I have personally benefited from her teachings.”

Julia Christensen, PA-C
Surgical PA
Murray, Utah

“I love being coached by Erin because it feels like something magical and momentum-full is always happening. and there’s someone magical along with me, helping, witnessing and celebrating. Erin really walks her talk.”

Jane Bernstein
Sheffield, MA

“I have worked with several coaches over the years and Erin is different in that she has a unique level of empathy, listening and encouragement that truly builds me up. She guides me to my own inner wisdom and helps me find my voice.”

JoAnna Brogden
Partner Business Manager, Healthcare Services Industry
Atlanta, Georgia

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