FromJaniceCircleMy name is Erin Sharaf and I am passionate about helping to create balance, reduce stress, experience joy, and craft a life that is intentional.
Freedom is your birthright. If you are not feeling free and are interested in exploring the inner world that will get you there, I want to talk with you!
I offer one on one coaching, customized workshops, keynote speeches, and retreats.
There are some scientifically validated practices to allow you to feel better, no matter what is happening. Let me show you how.

NOW is the time to live your best life and step into your full power.

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Jacqueline M“I am so glad I met Erin. I learned so much in just 1 session! My students love the meditation and I know they will benefit greatly from these stress coping strategies. We need more like her in the world!”

~Jacqueline Martinez, 4th grade bilingual writing and science teacher, Dallas TX, attendee at Erin’s workshop on Using Mindfulness to Transform Self and Student


rebecca kirtan“I always feel more clarity after working with Erin. She is amazing! I appreciate  her wisdom and compassion as well as her ability to help me see issues with a new perspective. She truly has a gift!”

~Dr. Rebecca Marshall, Professor, Athens, Georgia



Sunflower“I can’t imagine a more inspiring or courageous person for you to talk to than Erin. She is a role model for anyone considering taking a leap to follow their hopes and dreams.”

~Susan Clancy, MBA, Boston, MA


PrayingMantisPixaby“Thank you for the wonderful presentation on mindfulness.  It was my favorite of all the sessions I attended at the conference (SXSWedu 2016). What I liked is that it was very approachable and understandable by all walks of life. I would love to learn more from you and I am on your mailing list. Thank you once again for your thoughtful presentation.”

~Lobat Asadi, ESL faculty, University of Texas at Austin

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