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You work hard. Much is expected of you at work and at home. Life is busy and often stressful, and self-care can take a back seat to the needs of others.

You went into medicine because you have the heart of a healer and want to serve those in need. Instead you find yourself increasingly encumbered by bureaucratic mandates, data collection and financial pressures.

All of this is contributing to unprecedented and alarming levels of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue among medical providers. Mindfulness is an evidence-based antidote to these problems and, as the evidence accumulates, it is being introduced into more and more medical training programs around the world.

Mindfulness is especially important for caregivers as it improves our capacity to be with suffering (both in ourselves and our patients) with more compassion and equanimity, which can enhance the quality of work and home life. For more information about mindfulness in medicine, please click here.

The equanimity that comes with mindfulness practice can also make it easier for us to speak our truth and be a more effective advocate for the changes we want to see in the system.

I travel nationally to give talks, workshops and retreats to help caregivers care for themselves and find some empowerment. I would love to speak with you to see how we can work together to improve things for both caregivers and patients alike.

What Others Are Saying:

I have known Erin Sharaf for almost 20 years. She was a fellow primary care clinician. I saw her grow into a role as a professor, leader and role model. Erin has always had a glow and amazing karmic energy. Her mindfulness and coaching career have helped many people follow their true paths. She has inspired me to follow my heart and my instincts.

I have done individual coaching with Erin as well as a 6 week virtual course and 1-5 day workshops. She has helped me as a physician use mindfulness as a tool to not only relieve stress, but also to find more joy in my life and to help re-evaluate my professional career. She has taught me many tools to use in managing my life as a wife and mother of 3.

Her coaching and workshops are invaluable to physicians as we experience unprecedented levels of frustration and burnout. Please consider signing up for one of her workshops or consider life coaching with her. She will change your life.

~Carla Martin MD

Your mindful meditation seminar that I attended last year was just wonderful. It made me look at my life in a new way and made me a little braver. So, I took some time off from work. I will be attending an Integrative Health seminar and then will be flying to New Zealand! My plans are just to travel around NZ for 3 weeks. I will be attending a yoga festival, other than that my schedule is free. Again, thank you for sharing your skills on meditation and your kind guidance.

~D.L., Medical Provider, Nags Head, NC

Erin’s mindfulness teachings during my schooling were such a breath of fresh air and a reminder of the importance of staying present and focused despite living and learning in a fast and multi-tasking world. Recently I asked her to come and speak at Physician Assistant Grand Rounds at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston to introduce mindfulness to the clinicians. Her presentation was so well received by the PA’s and many signed up for Erin’s emails as a reminder of how important it is to be living mindfully to reduce stress and prevent burn out. Her lecture was eye-opening and spoke to many of the providers who often struggle to find balance in their daily life. Thanks Erin for all that you do!

~Janine Ronayne MS, PA-C, Primary Care PA, Boston, MA

I attended a 5 hour retreat with Erin and it was a very positive experience. My goal was to learn more about the benefits of meditation and to learn some relaxation techniques. Erin was very professional and created an environment conducive to learning the basics of meditation through guided exercises. During the retreat I felt the benefits of training the mind and learned how to maintain my knowledge. I continue to practice her techniques and can appreciate the health benefits.

~ Dr. Roy, MD, physician, Rhode Island

About Erin

Erin has been a certified Physician Assistant for 19 years and practiced as a primary care provider for a decade. Intimately familiar with dis-ease in individuals and organizations, Erin created Mindfulness + Magic to offer mindfulness-based strategies to alleviate suffering and to help people reclaim their health, power and vitality through enhancing the mind-body connection.

Erin did her Physician Associate training at Yale University School of Medicine, has a master’s degree in Integrative Medicine and is a former professor of health sciences at Northeastern University.

She has extensive training in mindfulness through the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare & Society, the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine (among other places) and is a certified life coach through the Martha Beck Institute. She sits on the advisory board of the Humanistic Professor of Medicine at Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University.

She has personal knowledge of how “challenging” the current medical climate is for both caregivers and patients and is passionate about being a change agent and holding space for a higher definition of health and healing.

Let’s Do This Together

Please contact me to see how I can add value to you or your organization. I am available for grand rounds talks, staff/clinician retreats and CME events. I have experience helping to design and deliver research studies using mindfulness-based interventions.

We have a duty and a responsibility to ourselves, our patients and our society to create a healing environment that emphasizes connection over profit and honors the inherent wholeness in each individual. This wholeness and connection starts within us.

Together we can let our peace and our passion usher in the next generation of true HEALTH care.

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