Something unusual and powerful recently happened to me on Hatteras Island and I’ve decided to share it with you. I have been keeping many of these magical stories to myself because, let’s face it, by mainstream standards they are a little “out there.”

But I’ve been sharing them in selected groups and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and has emboldened other people to explore their own deep connections and inner power. This is reason enough for me to share.

And I was inspired by one of my own spiritual mentors Lissa Rankin MD who recently wrote about her experience communing with highly evolved spiritual beings disguised as whales. So without further ado, here is what happened…

I was on Hatteras Island, one of the special, magical places where I like to spend time. Life is very close to nature here I can feel the power of the earth more easily than in the noise of the cities.
Hatteras IslandI have been coming every year for many years and often find beautiful shells to collect. But this year there were feathers everywhere! I had collected over 100 in just 3 days of beach walking. I put them aside and planned to use them in a ceremony at some point.

One evening, a friend and I were sitting on the deck, overlooking the ocean, enjoying the stars, pounding waves and salty smell, when we saw a very bright light approaching from the south. We quickly realized that it was a boat, followed by several other boats. I’ve never seen this kind of activity at night. We were unsure of what was going on but had an unsettled feeling.

Five or 6 boats streamed into view with bright lights blazing, disturbing the darkness. They anchored offshore from where I’m staying. Then we saw the nets. They were going to drop those nets and capture everything they could scoop up! Dolphins regularly feed in this spot. We know that we could have fishless oceans by 2040 because of the overfishing and bycatch. Even if they didn’t catch the dolphins, they’d be taking food that the dolphins and birds need to survive.

My heart sank and our peaceful evening was ruined. Without thinking, I said, “I’m going to do something about this.” My friend asked, “What can you do? It’s the middle of the night and what they’re doing is legal.”

I wasn’t sure, but I knew it would involve all those feathers! I gathered them in front of me and dropped into meditation. I first had to center and calm myself. Once I became very still, I sent loving kindness to all the creatures of the ocean, setting an intention for them to be safe and protected from harm. I then connected with the ocean and invited her to help protect her creatures from harm, to give them the wisdom to simply avoid the nets. I envisioned all the aquatic ones swimming freely. I saw it so clearly.

Then I picked up handfuls of feathers and blew on them in the direction of the boats to help anchor the intention. I had never done this before, but had seen a Shaman in Peru do it years earlier and it just came to me and felt appropriate.

I felt much better: strong and empowered and supported. I came back to my friend who wanted to watch something on the computer, so we started to fire it up. As it was booting up, the screen suddenly went white like it was glitching out and maybe rebooting.

While we waited, a box appeared on the right side of the screen with these words in it:


We were so stunned that my friend became emotional. He had witnessed my ceremony that had finished just minutes before. He asked me what just happened. All I could tell him is that we are all supported by powerful forces and that I think I had connected with some of them this evening.

The message lasted for about 5 seconds, then disappeared and the computer started up normally. The air felt electrified and we both felt like we were in the presence of a mysterious, benevolent power. Everything felt different from the despair and anger of about an hour earlier.

I have no idea whether any fish or dolphins were actually saved by my actions. But it warms my heart to know that it might be possible and to imagine that my intentions were heard and supported by something much greater than me.

Imagine something you are in despair or angry about, or feel powerless over. What if how we are inside and the intentions we set are as important (or more so) as what we DO? What if we are supported by the elements and the earth herself and we just need to ask for help? What if there are signs and omens all around us (the feathers!) just waiting for us to get still enough to notice?

What if every loving thought and intention is noticed and appreciated?

May we all cultivate our intentions for the greatest good of all and tap into the unseen powers standing ready to assist us. I welcome your comments below. If you want to strengthen your ability to get still and send love, you can sign up for my FREE 7-day mindfulness challenge here.

In love and light,

Hatteras Island









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