Do you sometimes wonder if it really needs to be this hard? Are you tired of playing by the old rules and long to color outside the lines? Are you sometimes uninspired by your own life? Come be inspired by my guest: the fabulous Kathleen Ventura! She talks about how to get out of your own way, be courageous, and create a life that is aligned with your values. Among other things, she created a year of nomadic travel, a job in Costa Rica, and a divine life in Sedona, AZ.

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Kathleen is a high-performance coach, conscious consultant and TEDx speaker. Making a move that would terrify even the bravest of non-conformists, she quit her high-pressure sales job in 2012, sold everything, and set out to ride her bike across the United States.

After 2 years of perpetual travel, she found her calling as a coach and consultant. Kathleen supports influencers—entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities—who are crushing it professionally and realize they need to be more intentional about creating a lifestyle full of things they desire beyond business for their success to be both sustainable and fulfilling. You can catch her new popular Facebook Live show, Living Beyond Business, every Monday here.

In this interview, you’ll hear about how to:

  • Be gentle with yourself,
  • Just start someplace, don’t over-complicate it
  • Design a life around what is most important to you, not what is supposed to be most important to you
  • Live your dream life every single day
  • Show up with amazing energy everyday
  • Live a glowing life, one not slowed down by illness or inflammation
  • Create a life filled with only what you want in it: that kind of life will inspire others!
  • Be “high maintenance” if that’s what it takes to be intentional and kind to yourself

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“It’s your responsibility to change it if you want it to be different.” Be inspired by your own life! ~Kathleen Ventura

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